Black panther the worst movie made .

Okay.. I know some of u loved black panther that movie with a superhero who watched over black people only…. I watched it and it was the shittiest thing made on TV…. I tell u the main reason why this film was so successful. U make a movie with just black people therefore compelling the whole black race to watch this new Hollywood movie made with Oscar nominees and winner and also making the white race who are not racist to watch…. And also compelling the racist white people to watch so that they can hate on it….. Therefore everyone in the world is watching black panther.

I know am black but I wanna watch a movie which is not predictable from the beginning.

And that accent …that awful accent …..seriously ,which African person speaks like that .

The movie didn’t not have humor. Just one fucking joke

“my kids will eat you ” *long pause * “no am just kidding ,they are vegetarians ” *laughs alone *

The whole plot was predictable and lupita the awful actress who only made history by starring in 12 years a slave…. She was great in that movie but Good heavens she was awful in all other movie was starred in.

Anyways u guys can dislike me for the plain truth but truth is truth and y’all know am telling the truth

Good bye.


Birds set free

Sometimes I can relate really well to Spongebob Squarepants….. Sounds stupid but look at this…. U wake up in the morning with a long horn like an alarm wakes u up, u don’t want to go to ‘work ‘…either school or whatever, idc .U always have that guy who tries to control ur life….. Just like Mr Crabs… Obssesed with making ur life a living hell….. U always have that friend who u share everything with ,u have inside jokes that only u can laugh about it, and always that guy who u try to get his attention but he’s a whinny little bitch who doesnt notice u….. I know right.

I changed my mind… I don’t relate to spongebob. I wake up when I want

I sleep when I want

And am a whinny little bitch… I wasn’t always like this……i don’t want ur sympathy or anything but I lost my mom and dad at a very young age.

Heartbreaking…. I know… But for people like me to survive u need to be a whinny little bitch…. Yes…. A little aggressive and demanding…. If u don’t become a bitch ….people will shit on u the way they want exactly Like my whole highschool life….. The loss of my dad and mum I tend to think has made me strong… Really strong… I cry a lot but I got used to saying ‘oh well ‘everytime…. My problems disappear like a flash of light.

Try it today, when stressed ….Darling say… “oh well ” and clear ur mind… It always works… Like ‘a don’t care attitude ‘

Losing a mum and dad made me free…. Strong…. Weak at times but an always strong …..i can do anything, I can take on the world… I can make decisions by myself… Like a bird set free

Good bye

My sexuality

My sexuality has always been an issue…. I was that kid that imagined he had a long flowing silky hair but instead I had the normal hard course African hair…. I don’t want to say I was born with a silver spoon on my mouth but I will…. I was born with a silver spoon on my mouth .Yes the rich kid who acts like a girl and is always bitching about the red carpet show and how Rihanna dress at the Grammy’s was not that good .For people like me…. Perfect but with a slight imperfections that can ruin ur life…. Unfortunately, i live around homophobic pricks my whole life…so they always have that back thought that this dude is so gay…. Especially after u are caught dancing to a Taylor Swift song in ur room……….. Or u are Obssesed with Justin Bieber …not that am obsessed with Justin Bieber.. I hate him but after the gay paranoia about me started apparently am in love with Justin Bieber… That what they said ….During Pride day I made a mistake about tweeting happy pride day just a few weeks ago and I felt the doubt in people eyes….. This was the sureity they were searching for.

I accepted my place in the society… That kid that is lonely …sometimes I think of waking up and living this place for good… I need to make ruthless decisions like that.. Or I wish I would .

Highschool… That bitch fucked me up… I was in a boarding school of just boys…. Super hard…. I know… Those guys searched for a reason to stone me since I came to school ….this dude is super gay, they said …too bad I never made a public announcement otherwise I would be six feet under. …probably nobody would have burried me

Am a great fun of poetry, that s what helped get over highschool

To be alone, to be alienated , Isn’t that a dreadful curse

To be rare, to be unique, isn’t that a divine gift

Anyways I’ll re write this later ….but always I have felt it ,like sharp metal carving through my veins, pain in another magnitude… I always knew…. I was alien.. Alone…. Like a wind- blown outcast.

Good bye